Our mission is to apply behavioral economics and data science to develop and test innovative interventions for reducing the public health burden of injury and improve the outcomes of injuries once they occur. 

research areas


We partner with auto insurers to study strategies to reduce distracted driving and developed our own monitoring app to learn more about driver behavior. 


Health System

Decision Making

We use medical record data to yield important insights and improve patient health outcomes and change physician behavior.


We use patient-centered data collection through automated texting to improve pain management needs.


Epidemiology and Disparities in Healthcare

We use large administrative datasets to assess epidemiology of injuries and document disparities in care.


Gun Violence

BeSAFIR and collaborators use data from Emergency Departments to understand the epidemiological trends in gun violence. 


COVID-19 Monitoring Program Evaluation

We work with clinicians and innovation researchers to analyze COVID-19 health system processes and test strategies to improve patient outcomes.

recent news

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Published November 3, 2021

Philadelphia Inquirer

Penn finds that using automated texts to monitor COVID-19 patients at home saved lives

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Published November 3, 2021

Penn Almanac

Dr. Delgado Awarded Marjorie A. Bowman New Investigator Research Award

The Marjorie Bowman and Robert Choplin New Investigator Award is intended to acknowledge outstanding work of a new primary care investigator.


Published May 19, 2021

Penn Today

Smartphone Breath Alcohol Testing Devices Vary Widely in Accuracy

BeSAFIR research team found that some smartphone-paired breathalyzers failed to detect levels above the legal limit more than half of the time.


Published May 12, 2021

IFL Science!

Smartphone-Linked Breathalyzers May Not Detect Alcohol Levels Over The Legal Limit

BeSAFIR team tested the validity of six commercial smartphone-paired breathalyzers.

Prescription Drugs

Published March 26, 2021

U.S. News

Most Post-Surgical Opioids Go Unused: Study

A new study found more than 60% of opioid painkillers prescribed to surgical patients after their procedures went unused.


Published March, 2021

NEJM Catalyst

"An Automated Text Messaging Program to Inform Postoperative Opioid Prescribing" was just published in NEJM Catalyst.


Published March 25, 2021

New Article in JAMA Open

Patient-Reported Opioid Consumption and Pain Intensity After Common Orthopedic and Urologic Surgical Procedures With Use of an Automated Text Messaging System.

Handgun and  Ammunition

Published December 10, 2020

U.S. News

329 Americans Are Injured by Guns Every Day: Study

New research sheds more light on how many of those who are injured survive and the circumstances of their shootings.