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Behavioral Interventions Aimed to Reduce Distracted Driving Among Usage-Based Auto Insurance Drivers

Study Title: Comparative Effectiveness of Financial Incentives and Nudges to Reduce Cellphone Use While Driving Among UBI Auto Policy Holders

In partnership with Progressive Auto Insurance and TrueMotion, we conducted a randomized, control trial evaluating the comparative effectiveness of social comparison and financial incentive interventions with customers of Progressive’s mobile phone usage-based insurance policy.


Participants are customers of Progressive Auto Insurance usage-based insurance rating program.


Users download the mobile monitoring app on their smartphone and it collects telematics data including active cellphone use.


Some participants were provided financial incentives for meeting their "hands free" driving goals.


Some participants were provided weekly feedback on how their active phone use compared to other drivers like them.

Funded by: the Federal Highway Administration listing: NCT03833219

our approach


Ebert J, Xiong R, Abdel-Rahman D, Kahn N, Leitner A, Everett W, Gaba K, Fisher W, McDonald C, Winston F, Rosin R. 103 A randomized controlled trial of habit formation interventions for reducing distracted driving in a diverse national sample of auto-insurance customers. Injury Prevention. 2022 Mar 1;28(Suppl 1):A36-7.

Ebert J, Xiong A, Halpern S, Winston FK, McDonald C, Rosin R, Volpp K, Barnett I, Small D, Wiebe D, Abdel-Rahman D. Summary Report: Comparative Effectiveness of Alternative Smartphone-Based Nudges to Reduce Cellphone Use While Driving. United States. Federal Highway Administration. Office of Research, Development, and Technology; 2022 Feb 1.

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