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Tailored Interventions Aimed Building Sustained Safe Driving Habits Among Drivers with Usage-Based Auto Insurance

Using knowledge gained from the first trial, we implemented interventions to help sustain lasting behavioral change aimed at reducing distracted driving.

Building on the success of the first trial's interventions, we sought to test novel interventions designed to help drivers create a lasting habit of putting down their phones when they drove. We kept many of the successful features from the first trial and added new elements to strengthen intrinsic motivation, help participants plan for obstacles to reducing use, and reward both steady, incremental improvements and episodic, big changes in behavior.


Participants learned distracted driving statistics and the importance of handsfree phone use.


Most participants received a phone mount for handsfree phone placement.


Some participants were


Some participants competed against others as well as their own past performance for the chance at prize money.

Funded by the Federal Highway Administration listing: NCT04587609

our approach


Ebert J, Xiong A, Halpern S, Winston FK, McDonald C, Rosin R, Volpp K, Barnett I, Small D, Wiebe D, Abdel-Rahman D. Summary Report: Comparative Effectiveness of Alternative Smartphone-Based Nudges to Reduce Cellphone Use While Driving. United States. Federal Highway Administration. Office of Research, Development, and Technology; 2022 Feb 1.

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