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Do Not Disturb While Driving

Millions of iPhone users already have Do Not Disturb While Driving activated automatically on their phones. Take 15 seconds to be as safe as they are and reduce annoying distractions. See below for answers to frequently asked questions.

It's super easy!

1.Tap “Settings”

2. Tap “Do Not Disturb”


3. Scroll down and tap “Do Not Disturb While Driving”

4. Tap “Activate”

5. Choose “Automatically” or “When Connected to Car Bluetooth” if your phone automatically connects to Bluetooth in the car

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Need More Info? Have Questions? Keep Reading.
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What is Do Not Disturb
While Driving? 
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With Do Not Disturb While Driving activated you won’t have to worry about annoying messages, push notifications or distractions while you’re driving. The setting can be customized to send tailored messages to your friends and family while you’re driving. Want certain people to be able to reach you while you’re driving? Customize messaging with instructions for them to bypass the Do Not Disturb function. To set up, and learn more about Do Not Disturb While Driving read below.

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Why do it? 

1. Unwanted phone notifications are really annoying when driving.

2. Turning on a setting that hides these until you stop driving helps maintain your focus on the road and decrease the risk of crashing.

3. Every day in the U.S., an average of 9 people are killed, and over 1,000 people are injured by distracted driving.  Don’t let this be you or your loved ones.

4. The vast majority of U.S, drivers say it is very dangerous to check notifications and text while driving are willing to give this up but find it hard to resist the temptation.

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But what if... FAQ

What if I'm worried my loved ones will be upset if I don’t respond?

No Worries! The setting can send auto-replies to let them know you are driving and will get back to them soon.



I'm Not Driving button


Text message auto-response for Do Not Disturb While Driving 

What if I'm worried I'll lose those messages?


No worries! They are kept and displayed when you stop driving.

How will this work when I’m a passenger?


Simple! Just tap a simple button that says I’m not driving.

What if I want to turn it off while driving?


No problem! Just turn it off for the drive with a tap of a button on the home screen.

Will I still be able to receive urgent messages from loved ones?

No problem! The auto-reply message tells them how to get through to you. 

What if I'm worried I can't access GPS and music apps?


Don't worry! These still work with Do Not Disturb While Driving enabled (Instruction in How to configure to your needs).

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How to configure to your needs

When you're driving all of your incoming text messages are muted. You can choose an automatic text message that lets people know who you're in the care and will text later, and you can customize who sees the message.

Customize your Auto Reply Options

1. Open the Settings App

2. Choose Do Not Disturb

3. Scroll down to "Auto-Reply To" and tap it 

4. You can choose for automatic texts to be sent to Recents, Favorites, All Contacts, or No one

Customize your Auto Reply Message Text


Apple sets a default message in this section, but you can change it to say whatever you want. This is the message people will receive when texting you when Do Not Disturb While Driving is enabled. Apple will also send the text regarding "urgent" messages.

1. Open the Settings App

2. Choose Do Not Disturb

3.Scroll down to: "Auto Reply" and tap it

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DND customize text.jpg

Phone Calls ​

If your iPhone is connected to your car’s Bluetooth system, iOS is smart enough to know you have a hands-free calling method available. In this situation, calls will continue to come through even when Do Not Disturb While Driving is enabled. Texts and notifications from apps will continue to be muted, though.

If you’re not connected to Bluetooth and have no hands-free accessory, calls will be blocked like text messages and notifications.

Navigation While Driving​

If you use Maps to navigate, your iPhone still shows lock-screen navigation help and gives turn-by-turn instructions.

Thank you for choosing safety on the road!
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