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Project SynERgy

Study Title: Using Re-inforcement Learning to Automatically Adapt a Remote Therapy Intervention (RTI) for Reducing Adolescent Violence Involvement (Project SynERgy)

This intervention-based RCT builds on the success of a previous pilot trial and includes an initial ED-based therapy session plus sessions of Remote Therapy Intervention (RTI), which combines elements of motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy for substance use/violence (e.g., refusal skills, conflict resolution, anger management).

Building on the research team's prior success in delivering RTI, this trial will test a Reinforcement Learning Artificial Intelligence Tool that will be used to determine the frequency and intensity of the RTI provided. Daily surveys will be administered to inform the content of the Standard RTI sessions or the frequency and intensity of the AI-influenced RTI treatment arm.

Funded by: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)

Study Approach


Initial Remote Counseling Session in the ED


Daily Surveys to Influence AI Reinforcement Learning Tool


Standard Remote Counseling (~1x week) or AI-Determined "Just-in-Time" Tailored Sessions


Coming soon

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